• Competition Agenda
  • The competition is divided into five stages: publicity, competition registration, qualification examination, internet preliminary examination, finals & commendation & introduction. The specific arrangements are as follows:

    (І) Publicity (October 2017 --- January 2018)

    1. Publicize the competition announcement in the national, provincial and municipal media, Taicang Portal Web, competition official website, Sina microblog, Tencent WeChat and other all-media channels.

    2. Coordinating with related universities and research institutes, and establish liaison offices of the competition at the Youth League Committee of universities and colleges to undertake the selection and recommendation of the declaration projects of the students.

    (Ⅱ) Competition registration (January 2018 – March 2018)

    Participants or teams can submit their project declarations through the official website of the competition or wechat official account, and project declarations will be the basic materials and key links of the competition and promotion.

    (Ⅲ) Qualification examination (April 2018)

    The organizing committee office of the competition will examine the projects in accordance with the scope and conditions of the competition, and submit the eligible projects to the preliminary examination.

    (Ⅳ)Internet preliminary examination (May 2018)

    According to the Review and Implementation Measures of the Competition, the review committee formed by invited experts will adopt Internet review method to determine the list of projects of each group that will enter the finals.

    (Ⅴ)Finals & commendation & introduction (Mid-June 2018)

    The finals will be held through project presentations, public defense and other sections (each group shall carry out separately), and the review committee of the competition will carry out the final review of the finalist projects on the scene to finally determine the winning grades, and publicize them in the new media at the same time. The organizers of the competition will commend the winning projects, organize and launch investment and financing docking, visiting Taicang and other exchange activities. Besides, they will also recommend outstanding winning projects to participate the final of “Win Taicang with Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition”