• Support and Prizes
  • 1. Entrepreneurial services. The winning individual or team can enjoy the priority of settling in the Park in cooperation with the competition, and enjoy Park's preferential policies supporting entrepreneurship and quality incubator services; the principal of project settled in Taicang shall be recommended to participate in the Taicang youth entrepreneurship training camp and other training activities. Wherein, the enterprise that gets qualified in the SYB entrepreneurial training courses training can apply for small loans of 50-100 thousand yuan (all interests shall be paid by government), with a period of 2 years; the entrepreneurial personnel receiving the training of IYB entrepreneurial promotion model and obtaining the certificate can apply for the second loans of 200 thousand yuan (the government shall pay the interests according to the benchmark interest rate), with a period of 2 years.
    2. Talent policy. The principal of project settled in Taicang is actively recommend to declare all kinds of talent plans in accordance with the actual situations, and talent project support can be accumulated together with competition bonus and support for the projects settled in Taicang. For the outstanding projects settled in Taicang, it is first recommended into the interview demonstration link of Taicang Municipal Science and Technology Leading Talent Plan (Entrepreneurial class). The approved project can be granted 500-3,000 thousand yuan for project funding and 200-500 thousand yuan for relocation allowance; the project awarded Suzhou Science and Technology Entrepreneurial Angel can be given 50-100 thousand yuan for Entrepreneurial subsidies and 200-500 thousand yuan for project funding.
    3. Intellectual support. The "tutor group" consisting of young entrepreneurs, investor, experts and scholars shall be set up for the projects settled in Taicang, providing design verification, product development, marketing, business management and other professional guidance and service in the growth period; project docking activities are carried out, and the principals of the supportive projects settled in Taicang are invited together to conduct in-depth docking exchanges with local entrepreneurs and investors.
    4. Investment and financing support. The projects settled in Taicang with growth potential shall be provided with project investment and financing services, and the financial institutions in cooperation with the competition shall provide, according to the conditions of the project, business loans, personal business loans, small-sized corporate loans and other financing support for the entry projects that meet the standard of credit extension.
    5. Living and relocation service. The principles of the projects settled in Taicang can, based on their own situations and the requirements of the relevant talent policies, enjoy priority of applying for admission to the apartment for youth talents with a certain rent relief.
    6. Others. The project that does not win the award but is in line with the industrial node of key introduction in Taicang can be taken as a reserve project, giving continuous track and docking.