• Notes
  • 1.Individuals or person mainly in charge of a team can only declare one project at the same time, and team members can only take part in one project at the same time; and members who participate the question-and-answer session of the competition must be the core members of the team, and the number of people cannot be more than 2 in principle.

    2.Participants or teams of the competition shall be responsible for the authenticity of their participating materials, if any fraud is discovered, they will be cancelled of entry qualifications once verified.

    3.Participants or teams of the competition must own legitimate intellectual property rights or right of use (licensing rights) for their competition projects, and the legal and other related issues or disputes arising from the competition projects shall be undertaken by individuals or teams of the projects.

    4.For projects that have been awarded and have been settled and subsidized, if there is any fraud or defrauding funds, or if they are stopped projects without justified reasons, once verified, the appropriated funds will be recovered. If the circumstances are serious, the relevant personnel shall be investigated and affixed legal liabilities.