• Attentions
  • 1. The individual or the principles of team can only declare a project over the same period, and team members can only participate in a project over the same period; the ones that participate in the defense must be the core team members, no more than 2 persons.
    2. The individual or the team shall be responsible for the authenticity of the competition material. If there is a deceit behavior, once verified, the qualification shall be cancelled.
    3. The individual or the team must have legal intellectual property rights or the right to use (authorized) for the entry projects. The issues or disputes over law caused by the entry projects shall be borne by the individual or the team of the entry projects.
    4. For the winning projects that have enjoyed support for settling, if the project is suspended, with existence of deceit, defrauding money or no justifiable reasons, once verified, the funds appropriated shall be recovered. If the circumstances are serious, the responsibility of relevant personnel shall be investigated and affixed according to law.
    5. This announcement shall come into effect from the date of promulgation, and shall be interpreted by the Contest Organizing Committee.